Re: PageRank on Large Graph

HadoopMarc <bi...@...>

Hi Joe,

This question reminds me to an earlier discussion we had on the performance of OLAP traversals for janusgraph-hbase. My conclusion there that janusgraph-hbase needs a better HbaseInputFormat that delivers more partitions than one partition per HBase region. I guess Pagerank suffers from that in the same way. Do you maybe have the option to use Cassandra, which has a configurable cassandra.inpit.split.size ? I did not try this myself.

HTH,    Marc

Op vrijdag 22 september 2017 15:41:12 UTC+2 schreef Joseph Obernberger:

Hi All - I've been experimenting with SparkGraphComputer, and have it
working, but I'm having performance issues.  What is the best way to run
PageRank against a very large graph stored inside of JanusGraph?

Thank you!


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