Re: Unable to delete/modify vertices of static labels


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the reply.

We want to do the deletion in 2 ways:-
1- Delete the vertex before the ttl expires. (in some use case)
2- Automatic deletion of vertex by janusgraph-cassandra itself (through JanusgraphManagement ttl implementation).

Both of the above problem can be implemented if we don't have to use static vertex for TTL.

Now, according to your solution, we have to write a batch process, where we have to loop through all the vertex labels in our db, and also run that process from time to time. We dont want to implement this thing explicitly.

Also, the jira link which you gave, points to the issue where TTL is not implemented for old vertices. But our issue is implementation of TTL in normal vertices (which are not static), so that we can delete/modify them when ever it is required.
So, if the above problem is not possible to implement now, then can this issue be raised as a new one in jira?.

Thanks and regards,

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