Re: Where to find Janusgraph Java Api usage sample codes

Ted Wilmes <twi...@...>

Hi Dilan,
The preferred method to interact with JanusGraph is through the TinkerPop API, specifically Gremlin [1]. Gremlin is built on top 
of the internal API, but much more expressive. Is there a particular reason you were looking at the internal API?


On Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 4:27:14 AM UTC-5, Dilan Ranasinghe wrote:

Is there any place to find out code samples developed using Janusgraph Java API?

There are plenty of sample codes for creating vertices, adding edges etc.

But when i see the Janusgraph java api there are plenty of features which can be used. For example i want to try using janusgraph QueryExecutor, JanusGraphMultiVertexQuery etc but couldn't find any resources on how they are used.


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