JanusGraph project at The Linux Foundation

Jason Plurad <plu...@...>

Today, The Linux Foundation announced the creation of the JanusGraph project. We're excited to push forward the open source, collaborative effort on scalable graph databases that was initiated by the Aurelius team with Titan. JanusGraph will continue to be a native Apache TinkerPop implementation. The first effort definitely includes finally upgrading beyond 3.0.1-incubating :)

There are janusgraph-users and janusgraph-dev Google Groups created for public mailing list collaboration, but as is the case with other providers in the TinkerPop ecosystem, I'd expect cross-traffic to continue with the TinkerPop lists.

If you will be in Austin this weekend for Graph Day Texas, there is a great lineup of graph-related talks. Ted Wilmes and I from Apache TinkerPop will be there, and so will others involved in getting JanusGraph established. After the Graph Day happy hour, we will gather up for an informal meetup/birds-of-a-feather with anybody interested.

Have a good one,