Indexing issue...

Gene Fojtik <genef...@...>


Currently having issues creating indexes on our graphdb with the following configs..
- Gremlin Server (Janus Server)
- Cassandra backend
- ES index backend

From an empty graph, imported a graphml which implicitly defined the schema.

Added indexes per steps & documentation.. however during the await step, we continue to timeout.   There are no open transactions or connections - verified.
mgmt.awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, 'indexname').call()

We continue to receive the following..
Update action [REINDEX] cannot be invoked for index with status [INSTALLED]

4 eyed the steps to ensure we followed properly - seems like we are missing something..  Any assistance is appreciated.

Rafael Fernandes <luizr...@...>

Reindexing has been tough for me too, so I had to write few wrapper classes and tons of debugging to make sure I didn't miss anything, but what I found out was that, some of my transactions were still opened, remember, titan/Janus open several threads and they might have opened transactions that you don't know about...

I'd suggest the following, if you can:
1) stop all your app servers
2) use gremlin console or write a simple java program
3) execute steps,
3.1) set this storage.parallel-backend-ops=false
3.2) set this ids.num-partitions=1
3.3) depending how large your graph is, this shouldn't take long...
4) once your indexes are done, bring up your servers.

That should do the trick, it did for me...