Indexing issue...

Rafael Fernandes <luizr...@...>

Reindexing has been tough for me too, so I had to write few wrapper classes and tons of debugging to make sure I didn't miss anything, but what I found out was that, some of my transactions were still opened, remember, titan/Janus open several threads and they might have opened transactions that you don't know about...

I'd suggest the following, if you can:
1) stop all your app servers
2) use gremlin console or write a simple java program
3) execute steps,
3.1) set this storage.parallel-backend-ops=false
3.2) set this ids.num-partitions=1
3.3) depending how large your graph is, this shouldn't take long...
4) once your indexes are done, bring up your servers.

That should do the trick, it did for me...

Gene Fojtik <genef...@...>


Currently having issues creating indexes on our graphdb with the following configs..
- Gremlin Server (Janus Server)
- Cassandra backend
- ES index backend

From an empty graph, imported a graphml which implicitly defined the schema.

Added indexes per steps & documentation.. however during the await step, we continue to timeout.   There are no open transactions or connections - verified.
mgmt.awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, 'indexname').call()

We continue to receive the following..
Update action [REINDEX] cannot be invoked for index with status [INSTALLED]

4 eyed the steps to ensure we followed properly - seems like we are missing something..  Any assistance is appreciated.