Janusgraph query execution performance



I have used https://github.com/IBM/expressive-reasoning-graph-store project to import the turtle file having around 4 Lakhs of concepts ad this project is using Janusgraph 0.4.0.
Now after importing I am able to run the queries.
But here the problem that I am facing is that some of the queries which access few number of nodes are quite faster. But some queries like counting the number of concepts in the graph (which access large number of nodes) are very very slow. Please note that I have used indexing already.

So is this due the version of Janusgraph which is 0.4.0(quite older version)?
Or the performance will be like this only for Janusgraph?

Any help will highly be appreciated.



Analytical queries require a full table scan. Some people succeed in speeding up analytical queries on JanusGraph using OLAP, check the older questions on OLAP and SparkGraphComputer and

A special case occurring very frequently, is counting the number of vertices for each label (you say: concept). Speeding this up is listed in the known issues:

Best wishes,   Marc