Janusgraph traversal time


Sounds normal to me. Note that setting query.batch=true might help a bit. Also note that the graph structure, in particular the number of repeat steps, is important. Finally, note that caching in the storage backend (in addition to caching inside JanusGraph) plays a role, see:

Best wishes,    Marc


Hi All,
I have a multi-level graph with total 800 vertices. When I run g.V(<id of parent>).repeat(out()).emit() for first time, it takes 300ms. In profile(), I could see RepeatStep takes most of the time (almost 296ms). Also I could see, it executes backend-query, same number as that of vertices. But when I run the same query again, it completes in 4ms. I know when I run 2nd time, it uses cache. 
My question is whether traversal of 800 vertices without cache in 300ms is normal or not ? 
Note : Im using JG 0.5.2 and I have out-of-the-box Janusgraph configurations.