FoundationDB adapter working status


Hi cedtwo!

The Janusgraph-FDB adapter was never officially supported because it has not left the early stages of development. Although there is some interest in the community, it appears no one is actively maintaining this repo and aligning it with the changes made in JanusGraph. Therefore, things can break when major changes in JanusGraph occur. The latest JanusGraph version which I used the FDB-adapter with was 0.4, so that should still work. The update to version 0.5.2 was inĀ this PR.
That said, I can not recommend using FDB in a production environment yet, because as you experienced, there is very limited support.

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Hi. Back in January I opened an issue on the FDB adapter github page to bring attention to issues I had following the Despite framing the question as issues following the documentation, I was left feeling that the adapter was just not functional with the versions of Janusgraph/FDB stated in the compatibility matrix. I put off working on this side of the app for the last few months, hoping a response would eventually assist in resolving the issues, however coming back I find I have yet to receive one, and the adapter remains just as I left it. Can anyone clarify if the adapter is still supported and functional? Or should I consider another storage backend?

Thanks guys.