Very slow performance when opening a new session


Hi Roy,

I can confirm your observation using the standard 'bin/ start' from the full janusgraph distribution.
I just used the the gremlin console with:

:remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote.yaml session
:remote console
a = 3

Although there is no logical reason for it in hindsight, I checked whether the delay was not due to class loading in gremlin console, using:
export JAVA_OPTIONS='-verbose:class'

I can also confirm that the delay does not happen with a non-sessioned connection.
I can also confirm that the delay occurs for the gremlin server and gremlin console of the Apache TinkerPop distribution (version 3.4.8).

I guess the initial delay is due to the additional overhead of sessions as described in:

Best wishes,     Marc

Roy Reznik <reznik.roy@...>

I'm seeing very slow performance when opening a new session in JanusGraph.
The message I'm sending is this:

Basically, the inner query doesn't really matter. When I use the session processor with a new session id that's never been used it takes ~1.2s for JanusGraph to respond.
Queries afterwards, with the same session id are much quicker.
Why is the overhead of starting a new session so large? Can it be reduced somehow by configuration?