How to Merge Two Vertices in JanusGraph into single vertex


Hi Folks

can you please help me to know how to merge 2 vertices in Janus Graph into a single vertex?

 I am using Cassandra DB as a backend for JanusGraph and unique vertex constraint with id+name vertex properties. I have two vertices B (id:234 and name: orange)  and C (id:345 and name: orange). I want to merge Vertex C to Vertex B so that all the edges connected to Vertex C should connect to Vertex B. and now Vertex B has both edges of vertex B and C. Apart from Adding all the Edges of Vertex C to Vertex B and deleting vertex C is there any way to do it?

Krishna Sailesh


Hi Krishna,

Nope. However, you are not the first to ask, see:

Best wishes,   Marc