high-scale-lib dependency


There is a java library dependency in Janusgraph "high-scale-lib" which is old and unsupported (last update happened 8 years back, see https://github.com/boundary/high-scale-lib). When Janusgraph is included as library into another project it causes IDE issues when loaded into Eclipse or VScode and using Java 11, just because it contains packages like "java.*"

As a solution I would suggest to migrate to a successor project which is actively developed https://github.com/JCTools/JCTools and does not have such issues

Clement de Groc

Hey! Just wanted to report that we had a similar issue with high-scale-lib.
Replacing high-scale-lib with JCTools sounds like a good option, but I'm not sure it will work for all modules: if I'm not mistaken, Cassandra relies on `high-scale-lib` too.
Another solution could be to exclude all classes under `java/util` from JanusGraph uber-jars.


Hm, in Janusgraph version 0.6.0 there is a different library used https://github.com/datastax/java-driver , is there any point to have the dependency on apache cassandra?