Using ConfiguredGraphFactory from docker image


Is it possible to use the ConfiguredGaphFactory so that graphs can be created and deleted dynamically while still using the default docker image? I've been using it by manually copying a modified properties file into the container, which works but is inconvenient (and with the berkeleydb backend I've had to create fresh containers several times after e.g. dropping databases).

I know that some environment variables can be injected at runtime to select different backends etc., but it isn't clear if the backend properties can also be changed in that way. I assume I can build a custom local image if that's the only automated option for making changes to the .properties files, I'd just like to know that for sure before I establish our procedures.


Thanks for bringing this up. Indeed, managing custom images is a barrier that you sometimes want to avoid. Can you give the runtime configuration of the standard image a try and report back where this approach possibly strands? Almost anyone wanting to confirm your need will have to test it for themselves!

Best wishes,     Marc