CLA & DCO Signing


I have a pull request which contains commits which have not been properly signed.
I have tried to squash the commits and have made things worse.
Here is a link to the pull request.


Also the is probably out of date.
It recommends getting help from...
...but that group appears to no longer exist.
I presume that this forum is the correct place for such questions?


Hi Fredrick!

First of all, thanks for your contribution! How did you try to squash the commits? In the PR, I still see a total of eight commits so it appears your squash didn't work for some reason.
You can either use `git rebase -i HEAD~8` and then replace `pick` by `squash` or `s` for seven of the commits you see there. Another option would be to use `git reset --soft HEAD~8` and then `git commit -s`. In either case, please verify that the code still contains all the changes you made before using `git push -f` to publish them.

Best regards,