Commit progress listener


Hi all,
I've successfully using in my application an EventStrategy's listener with both the DefaultEventQueue and the TransactionalEventQueue: they gave a way for the listener to be invoked while the events occur or after they have been committed, respectively before and after the "g.tx().commit()" statement execution.

My question is: is there a way to have events about the progressing of the commit method execution itself?
I'm trying to provide a feedback to my application's users about the graph events and the commit method invocation is kind of black box I can just call and wait for the execution to end: can more information be retrieved about the execution itself?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Marco,

Interesting idea! From what I read about the EventStrategy, this is a feature stemming from TinkerPop and questions about it could best be addressed there.

Note however that gremlin OLTP traversals are executed mainly depth first, so any new events introduced would be rather be at the level of branching in the graph than at the level of traversal steps. Possibly, execution based events would only be useful after barrier steps, which break the depth-first pattern and therefore, passing such a barrier would give a sense of progress in the execution of a traversal.

Best wishes,    Marc


Thanks a lot Marc for the answer and the link to the gremlin-users group.

I was wondering if there's something "implementation specific" done in JanusGraph that could help in having such progress information during a commit even if out of Gremlin/Tinkerpop specifications.

Thanks again,