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Mladen Marović


one of the reasons I started using Janusgraph a few years ago was because of its support for Tinkerpop, which is supposed to be a vendor-agnostic graph computing framework. However, multiple different graph databases appeared since then (with each being "the best one yet", of course), but Tinkerpop/Gremlin adoption doesn't seem to be as I expected. There are now many different languages for querying graphs (openCypher, Gremlin, GSQL, SPARQL...) with possibly different niches and without a clear standard like, for example, SQL in relational databases. This is quite a problem for a user that wants to try out different databases and benchmark them for a specific use case, and maybe even has a lot of these benchmarking scripts prepared.

Are there any plans to support other graph query languages besides Gremlin in Janusgraph? Is there maybe a plugin or some other type of support for this that I'm not aware of yet?

Thanks in advance,

Mladen Marović


Hi Mladen!

The first thing that comes to my mind when reading this is CyperForGremlin. However, as this project only translates Cyper queries into Gremlin queries, I do not expect a significant difference in performance. For users however, I can imagine it being quite helpful to be able to write queries in a language which they are familiar with. Concerning native support of other query languages, I am not aware of any future plans. This does not mean that we would strictly rule out support for other languages, but I think that this would require major rewrites across the entire code base.

Mladen Marović


thanks for the info, I'll check that out.

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Mladen Marović