FW: Edge Index Creation Error




I am trying to create an Edge Index from the gremlin console.


I am executing the following


mgmt = graph.openManagement()

gate_to = mgmt.getEdgeLabel('gate_to')

stargate_id = mgmt.makePropertyKey("stargate_id").dataType(Long.class).make()

mgmt.buildEdgeIndex(gate_to, 'GateToEdges', Direction.BOTH, Order.incr, stargate_id)



And I am receiving this error


No such property: incr for class: org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.process.traversal.Order


I have checked the JavaDoc and this static property does exist and the docs specify to use it here: https://docs.janusgraph.org/v0.3/index-management/index-performance/ under “Vertex-centric Indexes”


What JanusGraph version do you use? Recent TinkerPop versions use Order.asc instead of Order.incr.

Best wishes,    Marc