How to run and debug JanusGraph?

Augusto Will <pw...@...>

(sorry about duplicate post, i sent in wrong group)

Hi, I open de Janus project inside IntellyJ, i like to run the server inside the IDE,

1) if possible with my Lucene + Berkeley configuration to access my data? How can i do that? Or any other way if not possible.

2) I can't understand Gremlin in anyway, will be awesome if I can see more deeply what happens and what types Janus is returning, objetc constructors... what functions and types I can call in next chain while I see the source code.

3) About the Groovy things, how can I debug the code with breakpoints and create my own scripts? The groovy script can run and debugged outsite of a janus server debug (but inside will be better, i think...) How it works?

4) Janus process the results as stream? For example, for now, until i can understand gremlin (someday i will master this thing), but, for now, can I process my queries more in Java than Gremlin, is it possible? For example:

put the result of query in array: g.V(41123).out('friends')
make a loop in result and do some filter (in pure Java) get all the the other vertices by id and build an nested array with I need, mixing gremlin and Java, its possible? have too much performance loss?

5) is possible to make another g.V().something inside this script using the same connection "like session"?

What I really need help is how to debug inside IntelliJ and debug the results of my queries (with preference inside Janus server in debugger)
Thank you.