IllegalArgumentException: Undefined type used in query: dpts_810

Bishnu Agrawal <bishnu...@...>

Hello Guys,

I am getting an exception IIegalArgumentException: Undefined type used in query while checking the existence of a property in vertex/edge. I am using the below code snippet:

val new_ts = 123L
val v = gtx.traversal().V().has("type", "xyz").has("id", "123").fold()
.property("type", "xyz")
.property("id", "123")
.property(Cardinality.single, "dpts_810", new_ts)
val dpiList =[Long]("dpts_810").asScala.toList
//here i compare existing ts of dpiList with new_ts.

I checked graph schema and i can see property dpts_810 part of the schema.
I am using Janusgraph 0.3.1 with Scylla 3.1 as storage. 

Any help would be grateful.