Importing a schema

Laura Morales <lauretas@...>

Is there a way to import a schema, instead of creating it with a script?
For example importing this file:

<?xml version='1.0' ?>
<graphml xmlns=''>
<key id='type' for='node''type' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='code' for='node''code' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='icao' for='node''icao' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='desc' for='node''desc' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='region' for='node''region' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='runways' for='node''runways' attr.type='int'></key>
<key id='longest' for='node''longest' attr.type='int'></key>
<key id='elev' for='node''elev' attr.type='int'></key>
<key id='country' for='node''country' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='city' for='node''city' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='lat' for='node''lat' attr.type='double'></key>
<key id='lon' for='node''lon' attr.type='double'></key>
<key id='dist' for='edge''dist' attr.type='int'></key>
<key id='labelV' for='node''labelV' attr.type='string'></key>
<key id='labelE' for='edge''labelE' attr.type='string'></key>

like this:"file.graphml")

is there a way to make Janus create the schema from the XML file? This would be very convenient because it means I don't have to write groovy scripts for creating the schema.


Hi Laura,

JanusGraph only allows to configure a custom SchemaMaker with the schema.default property. Googling on SchemaMaker hits some (unmaintained?) projects that could help:

Best wishes,   Marc