Issue Setting up ConfiguredGraphFactory

Paul Heinzlreiter

Hi all,


I am trying to set up the Janusgraph ConfiguredGraphFactory for using multiple graphs.

I am using janusgraph-full-0.6.2


I am trying to configure it for the inmemory graph to exclude other possible issues.


I am using a





And in gremlin-server.yaml:


graphs: {

  ConfigurationManagementGraph: conf/



Restarting gremlin server, then wanting to set up a template configuration:


gremlin> :remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote.yaml

==>Configured localhost/

gremlin> :remote console

==>All scripts will now be sent to Gremlin Server - [localhost/] - type ':remote console' to return to local mode

gremlin> map = new HashMap();

gremlin> map.put("storage.hostname", "inmemory");


Leads to the exception (from janusgraph server log)


[gremlin-server-exec-3] WARN  org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.server.op.AbstractEvalOpProcessor  - Exception processing a script on request [RequestMessage{, requestId=2022abcc-d5fb-491e-bcc6-6952e7200339, op='eval', processor='', args={gremlin=map.put("storage.hostname", "inmemory");, bindings={}, batchSize=64}}].

groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: map for class: Script4


So the map type cannot be (de)serialized?


Any help appreciated.



Paul Heinzlreiter



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Hi Paul,

If you want a session that keeps state of assigned variables on the remote, you have to specify this on connection setup, see the first gremlin line in the example from the ref docs:

Of course, this keeps resources occupied on the server, that is why this is not the default setting.

Happy graphing,  Marc