Janusgraph support of Open Search

Yingjie Li


Due to the change of ElasticSearch license  after 7.10,  I need to switch to Open Search for my backend indexing. Any supporting  documents on how to set  it up?  I've been uisng Janusgraph all in one  1.0.0RC, where I upgraded certain jar files due to high CVE number.




Hi Yingjie Li,

The latest janusgraph-1.0.0-rc2 ships with elasticsearch-rest-client 8.6. According to the OpenSearch docs, the latest opensearch versions should be compatible with that. What goes wrong when you try and connect a janusgraph instance with your opensearch-2.5 cluster?

I assume that you do not need to replace the elasticsearch-rest-client, because AFAICS this is still APL2 licensed.

Note that replacing individual jars in a binary distrbution is not a good idea, because the new config was never tested during a build. Even if only applying minor updates in the sense of semantic versioning, things can and will break in practice.

Best wishes,   Marc

Yingjie Li

Hello Marc,

Thanks for the pointers, Will try  the janusgraph-1.0.0-rc2 with open search 2.6.0 docker.