JG as a 3store, rdf support

Matthew Nguyen <nguyenm9@...>

Hey folks, been playing with JG the last couple weeks and am able to import a few million triples using rdf2g (cassandra/solr backend).  I'm processing around 1000 triples/sec currently after turning on batch-loading and disabling a few pre-conditions :-). While this may be suitable for loading a few million triples, it will take far too long to load a billion+.  I've also gotten sparql-gremlin working but haven't yet run it through its paces though I'm disheartened to see that the project appears to have been abandoned. 

I'm looking to communicate with others interested in trying to use JG as a 3store given the lack of available enterprise capable 3store opensource projects currently available.  After some searching on here, there appears to have been some bits & pieces of conversations from various people through the years re: RDF processing.  

Has anyone on here made any significant strides with rdf & JG and can share their experiences?  And if there's a better place to discuss this topic, please advise.

thx, matt


Hi Matthew,

Not an answer to your questions, but a few remarks that might help anyway:
  • while a single client has its limits in adding vertices and edges, people use distributed computing frameworks such as Apache Spark and the like, to increase overall ingestion rates
I could not help doing a singe Google search request myself and hit upon:
which seems pretty recent, though immature.

Best wishes,   Marc

Matthew Nguyen <nguyenm9@...>

Thanks Marc, hadn't seen ERGS but looks interesting and will take a look.