MongoDB or ElasticSearch as storage backend?


Hi everyone, is it possible to use mongodb or elastic search as the storage backend? I'm new to janusgraph so please bear with me and feel free to explain anything obvious that I may be missing. It appears Mongodb and janusgraph are entirely different types of databases but I’m just wondering if there’s a known way to make janusgraph work with data that’s already stored in mongodb. Elastic search is a common indexing backend for janusgraph, and is commonly used with mongodb as well. So I’m considering if it’s possible to use all 3 together. If mongodb can't be used, how about elastic search as the storage backend as well as the indexing backend?


Adding new types of storage or indexing backends to JanusGraph is not straightforward. So, unless you are a seasoned java developer and have some time to spare, you will have to use the available storage and indexing backends, as listed in

I am not aware of any out-of-the-box/cloud solutions to transfer data from Mongodb to JanusGraph.

Best wishes,    Marc