Problem with index (doesn't return result)


Hi everyone,
I work on an web application for my company, which use these tools:


I have a composite index:
Type: Composite
Unique: True

composed by these fields:
fields: lb_vertex(String), name(String), activated (BOOL), reachable(BOOL) => all are ENABLED

When I make this db request:

g.V().hasLabel("example_label").has("lb_vertex", "example_label").has("activated", true).has("name", "test_name")

this return a result.

But with another name:
g.V().hasLabel("example_label").has("lb_vertex", "example_label").has("activated", true).has("name", "another_name")

a vertex with the name "another_name" exists in the db, but the request return nothing...

Some vertex are returned, some vertex are not returned, I don't know really why. I think the problem come from the Index, because when I make a request which use another composite index, all vertex are returned.

There is a lot of data, so I prefer to ask.