Tool to cleanup janusgraph db (data and schema) in local install of janusgraph1.0.0rc2,

Yingjie Li


I am looking for a tool in janusgraph1.0.0.rc2 (local install), that I can wipe out my data and schema quickly.  The tool that is  similar to " clean"  in the janusgraph-full version.  Thanks,

Currently if I do it from gremlin, I got evaluation timeout. 

gremlin> ConfiguredGraphFactory.drop("graph1")
Evaluation exceeded the configured 'evaluationTimeout' threshold of 30000 ms or evaluation was otherwise cancelled directly for request [ConfiguredGraphFactory.drop("graph1")] - try increasing the timeout with the :remote command

Yingjie Li

Could it be because I docker compose down the backend and removed the volumes for data and index, before restart the janusgraph server. If so, how should I clean the db.

I am attaching the log for your reference.