Using a user-supplied string as vertex ID

Scott Friedman


I'd like to specify unique string IDs for newly-added vertices in JanusGraph.  I've verified that I can set graph.set-vertex-id to True and then add integer IDs via my (python) client as expected.

Does JanusGraph support user-specified string identifiers in any fashion?  If not, is there a recommended way to map into integers (e.g., a potentially lengthy MD5 hash?) or will such a long number damage JanusGraph's ID indexing?

Thanks much for your time!


Boxuan Li

Hi Scott,

Currently, JanusGraph does not support user-specified string identifiers. You could check out to see discussions on this topic.


Scott Friedman

Thanks, Boxuan!  Looks like a great discussion in that github issue; I hope something eventually comes of it!