What Unit of Measurement Do the Time-Related JMX Metrics Use?


Hello. I have a basic question about JanusGraph's metrics.

Currently, I have a JMX exporter that is sending JanusGraph's metrics to Prometheus. Some of these metrics, such as "metrics_org_janusgraph_query_graph_execute_time_Mean" or "metrics_org_janusgraph_query_graph_isDeleted_time_Count", are time-related but don't explicitly say what unit of measurement is being used. I'm not sure if they are using milliseconds, nanoseconds, or some other unit.

Does anyone happen to know what unit of measurement is being used in JanusGraph?


To answer my own question, JanusGraph's time-related metrics are internally recorded in nanoseconds and exported in milliseconds.

It is worthy to note that the majority of Gremlin's time-related metrics are also exported in milliseconds. One exception to this rule is "metrics_org_apache_tinkerpop_gremlin_server_GremlinServer_gremlin_groovy_sessionless_class_cache_average_load_penalty_Value", which is exported in nanoseconds.


Thanks for reporting back!