Announcing the availability of the LF Deep Learning Interactive Landscape (v1.0)

Ibrahim Haddad

To the Deep Learning Foundation community (via 'tac-general@' and 'main@' mailing lists) --

It is my pleasure to announce the availability of the LF Deep Learning Interactive Landscape (v1.0) available from ( and to open the review and crowdsourcing process via Github

The LF DL Foundation landscape is intended as a map to explore open source AI, ML and DL projects There are 2 modes to view it: Interactive and Landscape. Under the Landscape tab, you will be able to see the 7 main categories of open source projects in the AI/ML/DL space:
  • Distributed Computing
  • Notebook Environment
  • Data
  • Model
  • Machine Learning 
  • Deep Learning
  • AI Fairness and Human Rights
Each of these categories is further divided in sub-categories where the open source projects are featured. This is by no mean a comprehensive landscape and we need your help to grow it and make it as complete as possible.

Our goal is to drive the review and crowdsourcing process of this landscape and grow it to become a great tool in support of our efforts. To add/update categories/projects or fix any issues, please open a pull request in Github. Please read the file for detailed instructions. 

This landscape is built by forking the CNCF's LandscapeI would like to express my gratitude to the CNCF for pioneering this landscape and open sourcing it, and to the various CNCF staff for their incredible support in making this AI/ML/DL landscape.

Looking forward to feedback and requests via Github mechanisms. 
Thank you,


Ibrahim Haddad
The Linux Foundation 

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