Milvus New Release-version 2.0.0-RC1

"Kate Shao

Hello All -
We are thrilled to announce the release of Graduation Project, Milvus, version 2.0.0-RC1, a preview version of 2.0. Click here to see the full release note.

Here are a few of the key features and design details for Milvus 2.0:

What's new in Milvus 2.0?
  • Cloud-native: To take full advantage of the elasticity of public clouds, the Milvus architecture completely separates storage from computation. 
  • Always online: Milvus 2.0 follows a "fail cheap, fail small, and fail often" motto for data reliability and service sustainability. 
  • Hybrid search (scalar and vector data): With support for hybrid search of both scalar and vector data, users can find the approximate nearest neighbors that match specific filter criteria. 
  • Tunable consistency: Milvus 2.0 allows consistency to be tuned to specific levels, helping users to find the ideal balance between consistency, availability, and latency.

See what is Milvus to learn more about the Milvus 2.0 design, and the system configuration docs to gain a better understanding of deploying the cluster and standalone versions of Milvus. And please help us spread the word by sharing this news with your social networks.  

We greatly appreciate your help in sharing the news.

Kate Shao
Milvus Community