First Announcement from NNStreamer

MyungJoo Ham


Thanks to LFAI staff and collaborators, NNStreamer is now joining LFAI.

As the first step, we are updating our source code to comply with LFAI's standard and migrating a few git repos from to

However, the main git repository,, and its essential CI/CD infrastructure, TAOS-CI, will be migrated a couple of weeks later because we are releasing nnstreamer-HEAD for new products, which I hope this week's version is the last RC, and we don't want to disrupt CI/CD processes.'s issues tab will be kept as the primary bug-reports/feature-discussion/progress-reports as they can easily refer to corresponding source codes and commits. I will discuss with other co-maintainers how we will use mailing lists while we keep Github issues.

ps. Anyone who's interested in making stream pipelines with neural networks (processing stream data with neural networks), please visit (to be soon)!