NNStreamer to be appear in ICSE, again, in 2022!

MyungJoo Ham

Dear NNStreamer developers, users, and supporters!

Another paper of NNStreamer is being published at ICSE 2022. We've just got an acceptance notification from the ICSE committee. (ICSE SEIP Track)

If you attend ICSE 2022, you will be able to meet NNStreamer maintainers and discuss more conveniently!


After the publication in ICSE 2021:

  • NNStreamer: Efficient and Agile Development of On-Device AI Systems (NNStreamer as On-Device AI Framework)
  • LightSys: Lightweight and Efficient CI System for Improving Integration Speed of Software (NNStreamer's side project, "TAOS-CI")

Another paper discussing NNStreamer is to appear in ICSE 2022:

  • Toward Among-Device AI from On-Device AI with Stream Pipelines (NNStreamer evolving to Among-Device AI Framework)
    • MyungJoo Ham, Sangjung Woo, Jaeyun Jung, Wook Song, Gichan Jang, Yongjoo Ahn, and Hyuoung Joo Ahn

I'll add an Arxiv article with its preprint soon.



ps. We are preparing a paper with yet another NNStreamer's side project, 'NNTrainer', too.