Re: Is gst gdp allowed in nnstreamer now(in tizen)?

MyungJoo Ham

Yes, gdp is being enabled in Tizen. So if they (gstreamer maintainers in Tizen) do SR, the SR is accepted (2 hours ago!), and its new snapshot with this SR gets released (not yet! the release engineers have not authorized it!), you will see gdp included in gst-bad plugins package in Tizen:Unified's snapshot package repository. If you want to use it right now, you just need to rebuild and reinstall all the related packages.

For your error, what's your environment? The platform version? target devices? your program environment? is it an RPM system package? is it an TPK application? are you writing and testing via Visual Studio? or Tizen Studio? or GBS/SDB? Which API are you using?

Anyway, assuming that you are trying to use gdp with Tizen Machine Learning Pipeline C-API with Tizen 6.0 M2 snapshot images in ARM reference devices, even when all the release processes for gst-plugin-bad updates are done, gdp is still not in "allow-list" of Tizen ML API. You will need to wait for official Tizen ACR (API Change Request) and Tizen 6.0 M2 releases for that. If you can't wait for that (ACR usually takes 6 weeks minimum), you need to update and rebuild Tizen C-API, touching gstreamer plugin allow-list of it.


On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 10:10 PM <trimind0210@...> wrote:
Dear all,

A few days ago, I found that gdp is enabled. (;a=commit;h=add8f2d3e672585eb37745103e2ea667ef45062b)
I'm trying to use gdp, but I encountered this error.

W/nnstreamer(22076): The element gdppay is restricted.
Is gdp allowed now? or did I missed something?


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