FW: [LF AI Technical Projects] muse.dev is available for free for open source projects

MyungJoo Ham

Dear NNStreamer developers,

As long as it supports per-PR checks, this might be a nice add-on for our CI system.


@Jijoong/Geunsik: please consider this when the current release is done. This appears a lot better than Coverity (once/twice a day vs every PR).




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Date : 2020-09-01 16:18 (GMT+9)

Title : [LF AI Technical Projects] muse.dev is available for free for open source projects


Dear technical leaders of LF AI hosted projects, 


I was approached by muse.dev about the use of their tool which is available for free for open source projects. The notes below were sent to be by the team at muse.dev to share with you. 


### Tool description

Muse is a new code analysis platform that orchestrates a growing number of open source static analysis tools into the developer workflow, delivering results as code review comments in Github. The platform will always be free for open source projects. Current open source tools in use are Infer, ErrorProne, Pyre/Pysa, FindSecBugs and more. All tools are pre-tuned to limit false positives, and we're building learning into the platform to improve results for each repo over time. The full list of current tools is here. If projects have preferred tools, they can use our BYO API to implement, or request that we integrate the tool into the product, which we can do fairly quickly (weeks at most). 


### Enabling the tool 

To enable Muse, a project would just install the Muse Github App and enable it on their repository. If there are any set-up or build issues, our engineers can assist in getting them resolved and Muse running on the repository. 


Normally we run at each PR and only report new issues, but you can also see existing errors in our console...here are some samples from LF AI Foundation's projects (prior to tuning of our tools which we would do as part of the deployment). 

AI Explainability 360

Adversarial Robustness Toolbox








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