Re: nnstreamer & openVINO

Olda Šmíd

Thanks, I thought nnstreamer-openvino support is for openvino version 2019. In truth, I work with rapsberry 4 - ubuntu server (aarch64). Nnstreamer works slowly but well. At first I thought the problem was to use parse_launch in the c++ example. I know from experience that this is quite inefficient (for arm) and I use a dynamic pipeline. I used intel NCS2 from before and so I think it will be faster to use it.

Am I correct that I should uninstall the package installed from the repository and use the source from github? Here I got stuck that cmake didn't find me an openVINO installation. I thought it was caused by another version of openVINO.

út 2. 3. 2021 v 9:03 odesílatel MyungJoo Ham via <> napsal:

If you have installed prebuilt nnstreamer-openvino binary from nnstreamer PPA and installed openvino from somewhere else, our openvino subplugin ( may have openvino symbols that are not compatible with the openvino binary you have installed.

Suggestion: Approach 1: rebuilt nnstreamer-openvino with the openvino you have installed (you will need to add "devel" package) Approach 2: uninstall your openvino binary and install openvino from our PPA.

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