Re: nnstreamer & openVINO

MyungJoo Ham

I would like to join github, I just don't know if I should publish on my account or join your :)

In Github, you are usually supposed to "fork" upstream ( to your personal repo ( and do the developments in your own personal repo. (I'm also following this developmental model).

You are allowed to discuss in the upstream GitHub issue ( and "send" your code commits from your personal repo to the upstream when (so called "pull-request").

So.... you are supposed to publish in your account (personal repo) and participate at the upstream ( You are not required to join any group for 1) forking nnstreamer, 2) doing development in your fork, 3) sending "pull requests" to upstream, 4) discussing in nnstreamer githubissues, 5) reviewing others' code commits, and so on.

It's very interesting - so it's relatively useless to convert an example to c - I just need to convert parse_launch to a dynamic pipeline -> use the syntax I know from c and connect elements via gst_bin_add_many and gst_link_many. As I wrote, I would like to use nnstreamer on raspberry, where the performance is insufficient. So I need every possible code acceleration. My friend and I have a video player on my raspberry, which displays any number of windows with an rtsp stream. RPI handles a maximum of 4 with a dynamic pipeline, with a maximum of two for parse_launch.

I don't think the runtime performance of pipelines would differ between GST-API implementation (what you are doing) and parse-launched implementation. If you look at gat-parse code, they actually call GST-API to generate pipelines. Once the pipeline is parsed and started, there should be no differences. The only overheads of parse-launch are parsing the string, which affects the start-up time, and the parser implementation should be efficient enough for RPI3 to execute within a few milliseconds. If there is performance problems with parse-launch, I'd investigate something else (the pipeline topology itself).

Cheers, MyungJoo

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