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MyungJoo Ham

> Sure, I can join the mailing list. We will be making our GStreamer plugin repository public in coming weeks.

I would love to have your GStreamer plugins inter-operable with NNStreamer's "other/tensor" and "other/tensors" streams.


If your used-to-work code is not working with recent NNStreamer, it means we've lost backward-compatibility somewhere.


I'm sure that a few of contributors will be happy to help either make NNStreamer compatible with your used-to-work code OR make your code compatible with recent NNStreamer.

Anyway, is it a build-time error? or a run-time error?


Welcome to NNStreamer !!

And please do not hesitate to create issues at Github when you are ready to show us the errors or codes.





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Title : & NNStreamer


At, we are about to release our GStreamer connector. Pravega is like Kakfa or Pulsar, but it is capable of storing raw bytestreams as well as event streams, hence our ability to do a GStreamer plugin for Pravega source and sink.


With our GStreamer plugin, we’re able to store source bytestreams in Pravega as well as store AI-/ML-produced annotations as event streams alongside the original bytestream.


In our GStreamer codebase (based on a Rust client), we have both NNStreamer and DeepStream integrations/demos.


Pravega is a Dell project, and we have a relationship with Nvidia, so the developer behind our GStreamer plugin is wanting to delete the nascent NNStreamer integration, because he can’t get NNStreamer to not crash after building it.


Pravega is open source, so having open source NNStreamer samples for our GStreamer plugin is appealing to me, but other teams have the bias of the Nvidia partnership and don’t have the open source emphasis I have. DeepStream is apparently much easier to get up and running with docker images.


Anyhow, I’m just bringing this to your attention, as I would like to restore the  nnstreamer samples, possibly with help from the nnstreamer team.


Attached is a screenshot of our attempt to do an NNStreamer sample, to give you an idea of where we’re at.





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