New Tensor Stream Types

MyungJoo Ham

Dear All,

We are going to introduce new tensor GStreamer data types (MIME).

Conventional tensor types are other/tensor and other/tensors, which are statically typed tensors that required GST-CAP renegotiations if dimensions to update tensor dimensions.

The new tensor type, other/tensors-flexible is being introduced at

With this other/tensors-flexible, the dimensions of tensors in a stream may be changed for each buffer frame. For example, we may now crop detected regions of tensors and send the stream of cropped tensors efficiently.

Another new tensor type, other/tensors-sparse is not yet started, but will be introduced for efficient transmission of sparse tensors.

In the early phase of development, the new types won't be supported by most of tensor-* elements; converters (tensors-* <--> tensors) should be used for such elements. Starting with tensor-filters and tensor-transform, we will increase the coverage of these "new types" eventually.

Because the introduction of new tensor types may affect nnstreamer developers/users and using such new types may enhance their applications significantly, I'd like to share the news to all nnstreamer developers and users.

Cheers, MyungJoo

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