Re: New Tensor Stream Types

MyungJoo Ham

Dear NNStreamer Users and Developers,

Making varying mime-types looks very ugly, I (and @jaeyun-jung, @sangjung-woo, and @anyj0527) have decided to consolidate tensor stream type definitions of GST Capabilities.

  1. other/tensor will become deprecated. We will keep backward compatibility for a while; but users are recommended to use other/tensors,num_tensors=1 instead of other/tensor.
  2. other/tensors-flexible and other/tensors-sparse won't be created. Instead, we will add format property to the conventional other/tensors.
  3. other/tensors's new property "format" has three values for now: { static = default, flexible, sparse }. If not specified, it is static.

When the stream type consolidation is completed with the implementation of "flexible tensors" and "sparse tensors" along with new elements (type converters, tensor-crop/composite, ...) related to new tensor types, we will mark the new stable version, 2.0.0.

Cheers, MyungJoo

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