Re: New Tensor Stream Types

MyungJoo Ham

On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 12:24 PM, MyungJoo Ham wrote:

Dear NNStreamer Users and Developers,

Making varying mime-types looks very ugly, I (and @jaeyun-jung, @sangjung-woo, and @anyj0527) have decided to consolidate tensor stream type definitions of GST Capabilities.

  1. other/tensor will become deprecated. We will keep backward compatibility for a while; but users are recommended to use other/tensors,num_tensors=1 instead of other/tensor.
  2. other/tensors-flexible and other/tensors-sparse won't be created. Instead, we will add format property to the conventional other/tensors.
  3. other/tensors's new property "format" has three values for now: { static = default, flexible, sparse }. If not specified, it is static.

We have proceeded with option 3 and most related patches are tested and merged. With a few initial versions of edge-AI related commits merges, we will be marking a new stable version, soon.

This will be tracked at

When the stream type consolidation is completed with the implementation of "flexible tensors" and "sparse tensors" along with new elements (type converters, tensor-crop/composite, ...) related to new tensor types, we will mark the new stable version, 2.0.0.

Cheers, MyungJoo

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