Re: What is the version of OpenVINO supported by NNStreamer

MyungJoo Ham

On Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 05:23 PM, jnzhao@... wrote: > > Hi: > Before install the NNStreamer,i already installed OpenVINO R20.03. When i try > to run NNStreamer openvino,can't get any AI inference results.So my questions > is: > 1. Which version is supported by nnstreamer using PPA installing.

The current deployment uses 2019R3 according to and;a=summary

However, this does not mean that nnstreamer supports 2019R3 only. We just didn't test it with other versions. I believe it will support more recent versions as long as openvino keeps backward compatibility.

  1. How could i do to support Openvino R20.03
  1. install nnstreamer, nnstreamer-openvino, openvino from PPA.
  2. try to upgrade openvino library
  3. test. if OK, stop here.
  4. if failed, recompile nnstreamer-openvino (or the whole nnstreamer) with the updated openvino (and its devel packages) packages.
  5. test. if OK, stop here.
  6. if nnstreamer-openvino has build errors with newer versions of openvino while it is ok with older versions, please report it to github issues (and you may send PR resoling that issue.)
  1. Is Intel NCS2 supported by nnstreamer?

Yes. and it is tested with openvino and

Jon Thanks.

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