Re: Which version of pytorch is available with nnstreamer-pytorch

MyungJoo Ham

Ah.. as Jihoon said, if you have a model for PyTorch 1.10, you need to install and run PyTorch 1.10. Rebuild nnstreamer-pytorch with PyTorch 1.10 if your nnstreamer-pytorch installation doesn't work w/ PyTorch 1.10

In other words:

Try 1: keep nnstreamer, nnstreamer-pytorch, install PyTorch 1.10 and let nnstreamer run w/ PyTorch 1.10 (need to make sure the version you use in run-time) : easiest. but not sure if this will work (if PyTorch has changed header files, this will fail)

Try 2: keep nnstreamer, rebuild nnstreamer-pytorch based on PyTorch 1.10. (this should work. requires a bit of C building tricks.)

Try 3: rebuild the whole nnstreamer w/ PyTorch. (this should work. doesn't require C building tricks.)

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