nnstreamer build issue on Android studio

Sapna Kumari <sapna2602@...>

Dear Team,

I am trying to build nnstreamer-ssd example in android studio.
I have followed the steps:
- nnstreamer aar file to api-sample/libs
- tensorflow-lite extracted to common/jni/
- gstreamer and nnstreamer root path specified
- ndk version 21.0.6

In one system, I am able to build the example and generate apk.
But with same settings when trying to build on another system, error comes:
ndk-build failed :
nnstreamer/gst/nnstreamer/hw_accel.o : no such file or directory.

But when i checked in build/intermediates directory, the file is present.

Is there something I am missing?

Please guide.


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