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MyungJoo Ham

I do not aware of object tracking application; however, in general, as in other applications, the toplogy should depend on the input and output dimensions and semantics of the given neural network, and I believe each neural network type for object tracking would differ. I think the gst-nvtracker is for a specific instance of obj-trk neural networks.



1. If your object tracking neural net requires to have a seqeunce of video frames fed simultaneously as in "activity recognition", you need to create a batched frame from a sequence of frames in a stream, use tensor_aggregator

   - refer to ICSE 2021 SEIP paper of nnstreamer



2. If your object tracking neural net requires to have a previous result of the net fed along with the current video frame, you need to create one with tensor-mux, tensor-reposrc, and tensor-reposink.






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Title : [NNStreamer Technical Discuss] object tracking


Has anybody attempt to build a generic object tracker using nnstreamer? With similar functionality as

I would appreciate any pointers, if this has been discussed before.




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