Preparing NNStreamer 1.6.0 Release

MyungJoo Ham

Dear NNStreamer developers,


As I have announced with , we will be releasing NNStreamer 1.6.0 soon.

We will release the new version along with Tizen 6.0 M2 RC-1 release (late August) and start 1.6.y branch for further hotfixes while keep developing features in the "main" branch for 1.7.x development.

We will list up changes, release notes, and a few other things within a week.

If you have a new feature or regular code commits, I'll consider accepting them until next week only. From next week, I will accept bug-fixes and performance-fixes only for 1.6.y.


Cheers, MyungJoo

MyungJoo Ham

Dear NNStreamer developers,

After merging , we will stop accepting performance fixes and not-so-critical bugfixes. Until the 1.6.0 release, we will only accept hotfixes directly related to NNStreamer test cases, Tizen/Android API/sample-app test cases, and product test cases.

You may keep sending PRs to for-next branch, which will be rebased onto 1.6.0 at the point of 1.6.0 release and renamed as "main" branch, removing "master" branch from nnstreamer.git. Then, the 1.6.0 release will be stored at lts/1.6.y branch, which may keep accepting further fixes for 1.6.y LTS users. (e.g. Tizen 6.0 M3/M4 or products)