nnstreamer v1.7.2 build with meson 0.47.0


We understand that to build nnstreamer v1.7.2 requires meson version >=0.50.0. But due to some platform dependency we are trying to build nnstreamer v1.7.2 with yocto meson version 0.47.0. Is it possible to build nnstreamer v1.7.2 with meson v0.47.0 ?

Do we have any patch file available for this?

MyungJoo Ham

No, we do not have official patches for meson v0.47 compatibility.

However, there is a WIP (will be revived if I become available for hobby projects) patch for 0.49 and this might be helpful for your need. I'm not sure if it's compatible with 0.47, but set 0.49 because 0.49 was available in the given environment for this instance.


This branch might be removed or updated soon. So if you need it, please fetch it.