nnstreamer build issue on Android studio

MyungJoo Ham

  • File access permissions and the privileges of the building processes?
  • If you have nnstreamer aar already, why are you building nnstreamer?

You'll need to find the difference between the two systems.

If you want some meaningful answers, you will need to elaborate

  1. the difference between the two.

  2. effective info on which step did the build fail (which file was failed to be compiled? or linked?)

  3. what does the successful system do with 2.

Sapna Kumari <sapna2602@...>

Dear Team,

I am trying to build nnstreamer-ssd example in android studio.
I have followed the steps:
- nnstreamer aar file to api-sample/libs
- tensorflow-lite extracted to common/jni/
- gstreamer and nnstreamer root path specified
- ndk version 21.0.6

In one system, I am able to build the example and generate apk.
But with same settings when trying to build on another system, error comes:
ndk-build failed :
nnstreamer/gst/nnstreamer/hw_accel.o : no such file or directory.

But when i checked in build/intermediates directory, the file is present.

Is there something I am missing?

Please guide.