LF AI&Data NNstreamer Project License Scan and Findings July 2022

Jeff Shapiro <jshapiro@...>

Hi Team,

Here are the results from the July 2022 license scan of the NNstreamer project. The scan was performed using the Linux Foundation Fossology server. Licenses and copyrights were examined.

The key findings (if any) and license summary can be found in the HTML report, the list of files in the spreadsheet, and also find the SPDX file listed below:


lfai/nnstreamer, code pulled 2022-07-02
- report: https://lfscanning.org/reports/lfai/nnstreamer-2022-07-02-8eb54f0b-f36e-43ff-826f-80e9f251e17e.html
- xlsx: https://lfscanning.org/reports/lfai/nnstreamer-2022-07-02-8eb54f0b-f36e-43ff-826f-80e9f251e17e.xlsx
- spdx: https://github.com/lfscanning/spdx-lfai/tree/master/nnstreamer/2022-07/nnstreamer-2022-07-02.spdx

NOTE: Some of the key findings are old from prior scans, and some are new from this current scan. There are a lot of findings, please take a careful look and let me know if you want to discuss.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the scan results. Be sure to reply to me directly as I may not get an email sent directly to the distribution list.

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Shapiro

MyungJoo Ham

Most of the issues are coming from "nnshark", a fork of "gstshark", which is tuned for pipelines with nnstreamer. It will be handled by Wook although it might be slow.

The issues related with nnstreamer-android-resource (Finding #6, #7) will be handled by Yongjoo ( https://github.com/nnstreamer/nnstreamer/issues/3873 )

Anyway, for Finding #4, other than nnstreamer.git and a few other repositories, which directly inherits LGPL 2.1 code, other repositories that do not have obligations to LGPL are intentionally using Apache 2.0.

Thank you for the report.

Cheers, MyungJoo

MyungJoo Ham

Finding #7 (Pytorch devel package has GPL w/ GCC runtime exception headers).won't be fixed by removing the corresponding header files. The header files with GPL issue are essential headers of PyTorch, which is required to build C/C++ code that uses PyTorch.

Thus, we will make sure that the module that uses these (nnstreamer-pytorch plugin) is compiled by GCC. It will generate build errors if nnstreamer-pytorch is not being built by GCC.