ONNX 1.8 released

Prasanth Pulavarthi

We are happy to announce ONNX 1.8 was released last week!


Here is the information:

Release summary

PyPI packages

conda-forge packages



Key Updates

  • Windows conda package is now available in v1.8.0 Release (last supported version was v1.1.1)
  • Training
    • Added Differentiable tags to make Gradient operator better defined 
    • Removed GraphCall; eliminated need to implement GraphCall 
    • Created a tool and example for users to use TrainingInfoProto for training 
  • Shape Inference and Checker
    • Large model (>2GB model) support added for checker and shape_inference 
    • Graph level shape inference fixes to patch the IR gap introduced since IR version 4 
    • Node level shape inference fixes for operators
  • Version Converter
    • More operators supported 
  • General Features
    • Added serialization for inputs and outputs of Sequence and Map data types 
    • Added programmatic access to version-table and extend make-model 
    • Added size check to make_tensor