Hold the dates: ONNX Community Meeting (Oct 14, 6-9am PT) and six ONNX Roadmap Meetings (weekly leading up to Oct 14th)


The ONNX Steering Committee invites you to...

Hold the date: ONNX Community Meeting
October 14, 2020 6am-9am PT (Europe Friendly-time)
Note: Going forward alternate Europe and Asia Friendly Community meetings, while limited to virtual meetings.

Hold the date: ONNX Roadmap Meetings
Leading up the ONNX Community Meeting - the Steering Committee invites you to participate in one or more of the following ONNX Roadmap meetings.
Zoom Call: https://zoom.us/j/784475658

Sept 3, 10am PT
Sept 9, 5:30pm PT
Sept 17, 10am PT
Sept 23, 5:30pm PT
Oct 1, 10am PT
Oct 7, 5:30pm PT

The Roadmap meetings will be building out this white paper - which you can edit with the link below:

Thanks for your support of ONNX!

The ONNX Steering Committee (2020-2021)
Prasanth Pulavarthi (Microsoft)
Harry Kim (Intel)
Jim Spohrer (IBM)
Joohoon Lee (Nvidia)
Zha Sheng (Amazon)

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